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Penguin Update – Truth is Out

I just read this article:  “SAN FRANCISCO — Google earnings hit analysts’ target as refinements to the company’s Internet search technology lured more Web surfers to click on its revenue-producing ads.”

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The Google Webspam Update – What Were They Thinking?


Well, they’ve done it again! There was another Google slap rolled out a few days ago and this time it targeted webmasters who dared to optimize their sites for the Search Engines – the nerve! Apparently Google wants people providing CONTENT to rank better than those who what? I’m not sure.

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Diminishing Returns of Blog Networks And What To Do Now

Well, the blog networks are gone and I have to say, I will miss them. It was just getting so easy to check my stats and crank out a 150 word article for any keyword that was falling from the rankings. I guess I should have known that it can’t really be that easy. Eventually […]

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What is Backlinking and How to Backlink Properly

Even if you’ve only been in affiliate marketing for short while, you’ve heard about backlinking. But I still often get the question of “what is backlinking” like it’s some sort of mysterious thing you have to do to be a super affiliate. Some people go about back linking in a very expensive way. They buy […]

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Perfects Voice to Text Software

If you’re an Affiliate Marketer I have two questions for you today. How many times have you thought about writing an article then decided it was just too much work? Ok then, how many times have you began to tell a story and then decided that was too much work and stopped in the middle […]

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Hide My Ass VPN Service Reviewed

I feel like I’m sometimes behind when it comes to new technology that hides things, especially the importance of having anonymous browsing history; and it never actually occurred to me to hide my IP address using a VPN service. However, I recently decided to test some VPN software called Hide my Ass and here’s why […]

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