2010 Niche Marketing Predictions

I’ve been looking for some good Niche Marketing predictions for 2010 -and will keep looking for what specific niches will be popular in the coming year.  However, I did find this post by Perry Marshall and it has some good insight on what could be going on in the  Affiliate Marketing industry in 2010. Here’s my favorite: 

The next rage in pay per click is cookie-ing visitors on your site and then having targeted contextual ads “stalk your prospects” on other sites as they surf the Internet. Jonathan Mizel will cover this extensively in a January 29 teleseminar. You can find the rest of his 2010 affiliate marketing preditions here.

That could be an interesting development in PPC Advertising; I really can’t wait to see what it’s all about.

All of the 2010 predictions are interesting but like I said, if I find some that are more specific to Niche Marketing, I’ll let you know.

For now, Happy New Year Everyone!



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  2. Jack Carter says:

    Niche marketing is a good way to promote products and earn money online because there are few competitors yet.:,.

  3. kynce says:

    I’m looking for popular niche markets… I have no Idea on what’s the top selling niche.. Gladly, found this blog!I’ll be more happier if someone out there knows the exact top selling niche in 2011… haha LOL

  4. i have attended a few teleseminar and it is good to but lack personal interactions:;.


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