Go One Step Beyond Affiliate Marketing For Profits

I just had a great thought the other day as I was reading through a training manual on PPC marketing. It seems like every guru suggests that you start with ClickBank when looking for affiliate products to sell. ClickBank is great because they offer mostly downloadable products, and when you sell them you get paid almost immediately (well, actually once a week). But there’s more to ClickBank than JUST finding Affiliate Marketing products to sell. . .

The trainer went on to say that ClickBank products are very competitive because there are a lot of affiliate marketers looking to market new items.

Hum, ClickBank products are competitive – and there’s where I started thinking. . .

If so many people are marketing the products that are on ClickBank, then why wouldn’t you get busy and put a book out there so all those affiliate marketers have something to sell? They are all gravitating to CB – looking for things in their niche. If you were to put a book on CB, you probably wouldn’t even have to contact any JV partners – they are ALREADY looking there!

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And remember, you can also sell your book yourself – and keep ALL the profits. Or, do a little more work and find those JV partners – affiliate marketers are always looking for something new to sell.

I’ve actually decided to write a book on Flower Gardening. I have a LOT of PLR in my computer on gardening, so I’m compiling it all into a 100 page book, and will have it on CB very soon.

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I just had to share my thought(s) on this subject. I’ll let you know how it goes with the Flower Gardening book. Maybe I’ll make it into a Case Study and show you exactly how a small book can make lots of money.



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