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In our marketing world of affiliate marketing, it seems like there’s a new product launch going on every day.  Most of these are probably great in their own light, and if you pay attention, you can get a lot of good information, and software that will save you tons of time. 

But, here’s one thing that really bothers me about ALL these products.

It appears that the goal of the software or product is to teach “US” how to make money, right? Yet, they sell the products based on how much that “GURU” is earning (examples of checks, ClickBank statements, etc.)

When I see these earnings examples, I always think “that’s great!,” and I start to salivate at the opportunity. But then my common sense takes over and I have to second guess the guru by asking myself – “how does the amount of money he/she makes really help “me?”

Just because someone is good at making money does NOT mean they’re good at TEACHING me how to do it. I’m always shocked at how not one of them talk about what their “students” make.

So, just for once, how about sharing the “exact” amount that the students are now making 100% thanks to the course that they’re trying to sell me? That’ll really make my mouth water!

Anyways, that was my rant. The reason I thought about it was because, yes, there is yet another  course being “re” launched soon. Trust me, if you haven’t heard about it you will.

But I can honestly say, it’s refreshing to see that THIS one is different.

I was REALLY impressed with what I’m seeing so far. They’re actually PROVING to us that this course works!

The couse is called:  PPC Classroom 

It’s being released by Anik Singal and Amit Mehta (Amit is the author). They first released this course back in October of 2008 and it was a blockbuster.


Rumor has it that they had over 7,000 students come into the system and I’ve never (even once) seen a bad review ANYWHERE (even on Warrior forum) about the course.

Well, it turns out that this course actually works! Just in the last 3 months:

  • Some students have quit their day jobs…
  • A student actually saved himself from getting EVICTED
  • Students went from making $30 a day to $3,000 a DAY…

All in all, they’re saying that their students now collectively earn, $4,234,789/Year.

Very impressive!

I know Anik and Amit well enough to know that they would not lie.  Also, they have pictures and names of these students right on their site.

I also know:

 That they’re that they’re getting ready to re-open the classroom on February 24th

But, they keep saying there is a BIG surprise coming out on Monday, the 23rd. (not sure what that is, they won’t tell even me!).

Anyway, the reason I’m even making this pre-launch blog post is that they’ve released a free PPC report. And this one I DID get into.  And, in fact, you can get it too – for FREE! 

Again, it’s more proof from their students.  In fact, they found recurring themes in the students that fail or take too long to succeed.

They’ll tell you the FIVE major mistakes that most of us are making in your PPC campaign.  And, if you don’t think you’re making at least one of these – you might just be unpleasantly surprised to find out that you are!

So take a look.  After it’s free information – and probably more valuable than your PPC campaign!





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