A Quick and Easy Way to Create Information Products

Many people who contemplate making an information product do their research on how to write an eBook. They just automatically think that an eBook is the only type of information product there is. But that’s not ALL there is. When you think about information products, you should consider what you’re good at. If you’re good at typing, then sure, write an eBook, but if you’re better at talking, consider video and/or audio.  Basically, an information product is simply a product that provides information.  It could be an eBook, but the easiest way for you might be to do an audio interview or teleseminar.

Let’s consider that you’ve created a dog training blog and now you something to give away to create a list. A good way to start would be by finding someone who has a dog, or maybe even a dog trainier who will agree to do an interview with you.  It should be someone who is not afraid of a microphone, and ideally, to make a more professional information product, try to get someone who has done an audio interview before.

Now that you have a person who knows what they’re doing in the dog training world, you call them up on a recorded line and simply interview them.  Ask questions that other dog lovers who need to train their dog will appreciate hearing advice on.  It could include training, feeding, exercising, etc.  Anything that you think would be a valuable resource to other trainees; an information product that they will gladly give up their name and email address to get.

You could also conduct a teleseminar and have other people on the line who can ask questions. The Expert can give a speech on the various angles of training, and then let the attendees on the call ask questions.

When the interview is complete, you can either offer it up as an audio information product, or have it transcribed into an eBook – or both. Now you have the perfect information product to give away (or sell!) to your visitors. Not bad for a few hours’ worth of work!

If you are selling the product, you might want to consider adding some bonuses so you can sell it for a decent price.  You could use PLR eBooks for these bonuses, or do “special” reports on dog food, an exercise report, or even how to keep your dog fit and healthy. Use catchy titles for your report so people will be eager to get it.

It’s always a good idea to add a few other high value items related to the original report so people are not disappointed in your product and will come back and buy from you again in the future.

I hope you can see that it just doesn’t get any easier than this! Incorporating audio, either in the form of an interview or teleseminar is an easy and effective way to produce information products that people can’t wait to get their hands on!


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