Add Free eCourses to your Affiliate Marketing Arsenal

As an affiliate you want to give as much value to your visitors as possible, you want to stand out in their minds as the person who really cares and has given them that little bit extra information and help they need. A great way to do this is by offering free eCourses to your customers.

For example, if you’re promoting a product on how to write an information product, you can offer a free 5-day eCourse, which gives your customers a few valuable tips on how to create an information product. This eCourse goes out to them over the course of 5 days and will, of course, contain an affiliate link under your signature line that will take your customers straight to that product you’re promoting.

The best part about offering a free eCourse is that it’s also a good way to build up your mailing list. You set up a simple one page website which gives a little information about your free eCourse, people submit their name and email address and you send them out their free course. They get good valuable information and hopefully will actually go on to purchase the product you’re promoting. You get another subscriber to communicate your offers to. It’s a Win/Win situation.

Can I really Write a Course to Promote Someone Else’s Product?

Of course you can! In some cases the person selling the product will make an eCourse available to affiliates. You can then use this eCourse in your mailings and promotions. If there isn’t a course available then go ahead and write one yourself. Now remember, the eCourse doesn’t need to be directly related to the product you’re promoting but just related to the information.

Using the example above, you’ll write an eCourse with tips on how to write an information product. You can tell people how to do research, how to write an outline, outsourcing options and so on – anything related to writing an information product. You don’t want to give out too much information because you do want them to go on and purchase the actual paid product, but you can give them some good tips without revealing exactly how to do it all.

And as mentioned already you’ll add your affiliate link to the bottom of this eCourse or when appropriate in the body of the email. You can simply say something like:

“Click Here to To Learn How to Easily Write Your First Information Product.

Once the 5-day course is finished you can follow-up with periodical emails and information related to writing an information product. As you can see offering your customers a free eCourse is another great way to stand out and increase your affiliate commissions.

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