Reveals Hot Holiday Toys And More

This year I’ve become more advanced in my affiliate marketing thinking. Instead of chasing every keyword that I think might make some sales, I chase the ones that are already appearing in the top results of search engines.

One way I do this is by using the time it takes to load a new page to read Google’s hot trends report. This way I have a good feeling of what people are searching for and can plan my day’s advertising time accordingly.

As you can imagine, it’s not unusual this time of year for holiday items to be displayed on the site. For the last three weeks or so, the keyword “Black Friday Sales” has been in the top 20.

Hint: This might be a good keyword for you to go after.

You know you don’t have much time, so start building your sites and campaigns this week! Here are the top two sites that you can use to give you a feel for what going to be hot this year:

Amazon just announced its HOT HOLIDAY TOY LIST.

EBay has the Popular Products listings:

And also keep an eye out on EBay Pulse for popular searches:

There’s over $360 Billion being spent RIGHT NOW. If you’re on top of things with your affiliate marketing sites, GREAT! If you have no idea how to make money this year, here’s a product that might help. I picked this up last week and it gave me new confidence that I CAN get a piece of that $360 Billion!


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