Amazon is Selling Affiliates Blogs and Articles

Ok, maybe I’m overacting, maybe not, you tell me, here’s the story. I have a Google alert on my name so anytime someone posts anything with my name on it, I get an alert (if you’re an affiliate marketer, you should definitely be doing this!).  Saturday as I was working at my computer I received such an alert.  It was from an item that was posted on Amazon – and credited to my name.

Upon investigating this item, I found it was a blog post I had done, or an Article I had posted on an Article Directory – I wasn’t going to pay Amazon to find out what it was.  Either way, they were charging $7.99 for a download that was in EReader form.

They were also charging $0.99 if people wanted to read my blog on their EReader.

Should I be mad – or is this a complement?  I’m not making a single cent for this transaction, even though it is all my information – people can’t order anything from an EReader, so I get NOTHING, except maybe a backlink – Amazon gets whatever they want to charge for MY info!

When I post Articles to Article Directories, my understanding is that others can post them on their blog if all links remain in-tact.  In my opinion, when Amazon sells my blog posts and articles, there are no active links.  Isn’t this a violation of the User Agreement?

I don’t think that Amazon should be making money off of my work just because they are selling it in a different digital format. Does anyone else have a concern about this?  Feel free to post your comment below.


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