AffSphere Article Directory Shares the Wealth With Authors!

Have you already heard about AffSphere?  I’m guessing you probably have, the buzz is BIG and for a good reason. It’s the only Article Directory that actually SHARES it’s profits with YOU!  This is no joke! Here’s the scoop on what’s happening at AffShpere – and how you can pick up an article marketing report that is NOT Your Typical Article Marketing Report:

Revenue Sharing

It really is amazing – AffSphere PAYs you for submitting good content and also pays you for the quality content your down-line submits.

Here’s how they’re doing it.

Affsphere SHARES their advertising revenue with ALL of their authors! Basically, your goal (and theirs) is to get the most VIEWS as possible to your articles.

Also, the more people you send to AffSphere, the more “revenue share points” you’ll get. At the end of the month, AffSphere managers take the revenue and give you a portion that is determined by how many views you had (total) from all your articles in relation to all other authors.

That’s right, they’re going to start PAYING you for your content – that really ROCKS – I don’t know of ANY other company that would set up a site and actually pay you to submit content on it.

Actually, there are over 8 ways to make money using AffSphere. But it boils down to just 2 things:

  1. Write quality content like you already do.

  2. Promote AffSphere to your readers/friends.

100% Affiliate Commission

On August 12th, a new report was released about the TOP MOST article marketing secrets, including how Anik Singal was able to find extremely profitable niches specifically made for article marketing.

The report will be about $10 (maybe less) – it’s basically just a bonus they’re using to create some buzz around the launch of the AffShpere directory.

If you promote using your affiliate link, they’ll give 100% affiliate commission! Not only that, but they’ll share all the back-end upsells and recurring revenue with you as well.

Like I said, over 8 ways they’ll help you make money using AffSphere…

Get ready to tell your friends about AffSphere NOW (before everyone hears about it so you can get them in YOUR downline), AffSphere has launched, so submit your content today!



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