Article Marketing Strategy for Success

Article marketing is a great way to increase your traffic, establish yourself as an expert in your field and gain publicity. Writing and distributing articles online really can do all of that for you. However, you’ll need to put together a short Article Marketing Strategy to do it right and keep track of everything. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when marketing with articles:

Article Marketing Strategy #1 Write Quality Articles
Don’t write articles just for the sake of building incoming links. Sure this is a great reason to write and distribute articles but you also want your article to work extra hard for you. By writing a quality article you can get those incoming links but also get other business owners to place your articles on their websites (even more incoming links – not to mention traffic).

And for the icing on the cake your article may get picked up and published by a large offline or online publication… wow talk about being in the spotlight then. Mediocre articles just won’t get you the same results. So if you’re going to spend the time writing and distributing articles, why not make your articles really work for you?

Article Marketing Strategy #2 – Be the Expert
When writing, see yourself as the expert. You chose this field and it’s your job to communicate your knowledge with your customers. Believe you’re the expert and let it show in your writing. Remember if you don’t class yourself as an expert in your field it’s unlikely anyone else will do it for you.

Article Marketing Strategy #3 – Write Author Bio’s that Sell

Many people may the mistake of writing the same mundane author bio “Eva Baker is the owner of a website called and enjoys writing” – Don’t waste that valuable real estate at the end of your articles. If you’ve written a good article the reader will look at the author bio and if intrigued will click over to learn more.

Be precise and write a benefit oriented author bio, for example:

  • To learn more about how to build websites that sell visit or
  • For a free PLR ebook that you can Brand With YOUR affiliate links, visit
    See the difference? Concentrate on the benefit to the reader at all times.

Article Marketing Strategy #3 – Get Traffic to Your Article and Site
After you’ve done all that work writing, you’ll want to make sure your article gets noticed, and that it actually DOES send visitors to your site. You’ll want to submit your article to the top Article Directories, Social Networking Sites, as well as submitting your RSS feed to the top RSS Feed directories. You can do all these things yourself, or buy Article Submission Software that will do it for you. Just make sure you use an article submission software that submits to over 200 article directories quickly and easily. Meaning, all you do is write the article – the rest is done for you.

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