Be Aware of CJs Rules Before You Get Cleaned Out

Sigh, it happened again, but this time it wasn’t so dramatic then when I was a newbie.  I logged into my Commission Junction (CJJ) account and noticed that I was missing $10.00.  So I started to investigate.  I only had about $18 in my account to start with, so it was very easy to notice that money was missing, and after reading their FAQ’s, I found out where it went.

CJ is the only Network I know of that does “housecleaning” every six months.  It used to be that if you didn’t make a sale in six months they deleted your account – everything was gone, your affiliate links, history, everything!  This happened to me once when I was new, and it wasn’t pleasant. At that time, I had a lot of CJ links on sites I was just getting started and it was a devastating blow to a newbie!  

From that time on, I made sure to sell something that CJ had to offer.  Unfortunately, I like ShareASale and Clickbank better because they’re interface is much easier to use to quickly locate products in my niche.

Also unfortunately, my main CJ merchant is for laptop bags. I’m running a javascript datafeed code from GoldenCan which makes my site look like it has TONS of products on it, but Google reads this code like there’s nothing there and I can’t get my Adwords ads to show (another thing I learned as I went along. . .) . NOTE: This problem can be resolved by adding some content, which I’ve been trying to get time to do. I’ve just been too busy lately reviewing the new, cool eBook readers that are on my wish list this year.

So therefore, I haven’t made a sale for a CJ merchant in – well – I guess six months!

But, fortunately, that $18.00 saved me.  Now, they either charge your account $10.00, OR, if you don’t have funds in your account they will delete your account.

I’m not really complaining here, I’m actually HAPPY to have $10 less than have to strip out all my CJ links once and for all.  I just wanted to write this quick note to give you a few words of advice and hopefully save you time and effort. Now I better get busy, I have to make another $2.00 through a CJ merchant so I don’t get dinged again! LOL!


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