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There seems to be a lot of people selling PLR (private label rights) eBooks these days. While that’s not a bad thing, there are a few things you should be aware of before you buy any kind of private label rights eBook that you want to use on your site.

Some private label rights eBooks will make YOU money, while others just make money for the person who developed them. Some are brandable books, and some come with Master Resale rights.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect when you buy the different kinds of PLR eBooks:

PLR – or Private Label Rights eBooks: These are PLR eBooks that you can buy, and resell or give away. You should review the license agreement carefully. Many times these eBooks have limited use. The best use is that you can sell them and make a profit. Or, you can use them as a freebie to get opt-in subscribers. Unfortunately, most basic private label rights eBooks cannot be changed and usually include a link back to someone else’s site. Using these PLR eBooks, you can easily add a new name to your list (which is good), but the writer of the PLR eBook also gets free traffic – from you.

Master Resale Rights – Most of these books allow you to make a few changes, and then re-sell them. This type of private label rights eBook is better than general PLR eBooks because they usually include an original file that you can modify (be sure to check, some do not). However, even if the original file is not included, this is a good license to have because the graphics are done for you, as well as the sales letter. It’s a pretty quick process to get this type of PLR eBook up on your site and making money for you. It will probably still have the name and web-site address of the creator, so again, they get free traffic from your visitors.

Brandable eBooks – Brandable eBooks are really the best type of PLR you can get. While some of these eBooks do not come with a full set of graphics, they DO allow you to insert your Affiliate Link into the PDF file so you can keep all of your affiliate profits. Most of them will also come with an image of the eBook – so you don’t really have to worry about developing cover graphics for your site.

I did run into a bad type of brandable eBook the other day. I purchased a brandable eBook and there was ONE link that was brandable in the eBook. However, there were also about TEN other links in the eBook that were NOT brandable. What’s up with that! I dumped that brandable book immediately! Sure, it would be good to get an affiliate sale off my one link, but all of those other links were branded with someone else’s affiliate link. Is that really fair?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if this is the case or not until you have purchased the brandable eBook, unless it’s specifically stated on the sales page.

Now you should have enough information about brandable eBooks to make a wise decision. Your choice will depend on what you want to do with the brandable book or PLR. Just remember that your visitors will probably keep this eBook for a long time, and it’s always good to know that YOUR affiliate link is ready and waiting for them in your Brandable eBook.

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