Build Your Affiliate Niche Without Building a Web Site

If you’ve subscribed to my list, you should now have your web site up and running, and your viral reports out there making money.  In my Newsletters, I walk you through the process of getting your site set up, using Auto Responders,  Keyword Research tools – the whole works!

But what if it’s still all too much work?  What if you don’t have time to set up an entire web site?  What if you just want to set up a few PPC ads and watch as money comes in.

Well, that’s sort of the lazy way to do things, but many people are making money this way, and there’s only one way I know of that will allow you to do this.

If you want to speed by the rest, go here to see how you can be up and running with your own personalized web site, all for just the cost of registering a domain name ($9.29 at  And, that’s all it will cost – there are NO more hosting fees!
Read their affiliate page carefully, because you CAN just select individual products to market as an affiliate.  But, you can also register a domain name and promote an entire store – and they will update it for you, and make sure it’s all linked up!

It took me about a half hour to set up my store.  I just registered the domain name  and linked to their store.  Now I pocket 50% commissions on any sales made through the site.  Feel free to check out my site.  Looks good doesn’t it, and I haven’t touched it since I set it up.  It’s basically on auto-pilot.

Oh, and I link one of my other sites to it also, so even if I just used it for a back-link, it would still be worth $9.29 a year.

I’m all set!  Now I have a complete domain that I can send traffic to using any method I want (PPC, Articles, anything!)

It just doesn’t get any better than that!  If you’ve been putting off starting your business, try this – you might just like it!


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