Your Secret to Super Affiliate Status

Super affiliate marketing is basically niche affiliate marketing done right! However, the term “Super Affiliate” is saved for those niche affiliate marketers who go one step beyond just promoting products for a variety of merchants.  They know that they have a BUSINESS, and learn everything there is to learn about the business they’re in. They usually make a full-time living from affiliate marketing and/or attending conferences and teaching others how to do niche affiliate marketing.  Super affiliates know niche marketing and how to get the sale!

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NEW Keyword Generator Tool Finds Profitable Niches FAST

You may have already received messages about this new keyword generator tool, but maybe not. I’m on the list of almost every big name guru marketer out there and only received ONE email about this. My guess is that you’ll start to get their marketing emails in about a month, after they’ve taken all of the good Niche Keywords and used them to make massive profits, leaving you with the leftovers.

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2010 Niche Marketing Predictions

I’ve been looking for some good Niche Marketing predictions for 2010 -and will keep looking for what specific niches will be popular in the coming year.  However, I did find this post by Perry Marshall and it has some good insight on what could be going on in the  Affiliate Marketing industry in 2010. Here’s my favorite: 

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Affiliate Marketers See GREEN When Fall Arrives

Fall is a sad time for some; the hot summer weather is over and the thought of relaxing seems to be in the past. And it’s true – for affiliate marketers it’s time to really get back to work! There is so much to do this time of year because this is the time when there is a Holiday every month. We have Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December (just to name a few). So the question is – are you ready for them?

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Best Website Design Software Example


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AffSphere Article Directory Shares the Wealth With Authors!

Have you already heard about AffSphere?  I’m guessing you probably have, the buzz is BIG and for a good reason. It’s the only Article Directory that actually SHARES it’s profits with YOU!  This is no joke! Here’s the scoop on what’s happening at AffShpere – and how you can pick up an article marketing report that is NOT Your Typical Article Marketing Report:

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New Google Keyword Tool ROCKS for Affiliate Marketers!

Who knew that Google would ever give Affiliate Marketers an advantage – for FREE!  It’s one that they once claimed they would never do, but now it’s done.  Announcing the New Google Keyword Tool!

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6 Secrets for Selecting Affiliate Programs that are Lucrative and Right for You

Affiliate marketers have some very important decisions to make before choosing products to market. In the beginning, a newbie might just look at products with high commissions and decide to market only those. However, it’s not really as easy as that. In order for your affiliate marketing efforts to be lucrative, you should evaluate a few different areas of the merchants program. [Read more…]

This Brandable PLR Lets YOU Keep ALL Your Affiliate Profits

There seems to be a lot of people selling PLR (private label rights) eBooks these days.  While that’s not a bad thing, there are a few things you should be aware of before you buy any kind of private label rights eBook that you want to use on your site.

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Is Your Blog Ready to Start Making You Money?

The Blog Classroom currently has a series of free videos available that will teach you the proper way to set up your blog, how to get immediate traffic and how to start finally MAKING MONEY, with your blog! [Read more…]