Best Classified Ad Software for Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever thought about setting up a classified ad site?  The only reason I ask is that I’ve had an idea for a niche classified site for a long time, but figured that after I hired a Virtual Worker to have it coded, I would be broke! So I put it on the back burner for almost a year.

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Go One Step Beyond Affiliate Marketing For Profits

I just had a great thought the other day as I was reading through a training manual on PPC marketing. It seems like every guru suggests that you start with ClickBank when looking for affiliate products to sell. ClickBank is great because they offer mostly downloadable products, and when you sell them you get paid almost immediately (well, actually once a week). But there’s more to ClickBank than JUST finding Affiliate Marketing products to sell. . .

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How to Locate Perfect and Profitable Niche Markets

Niche Marketing is basically finding a specialty product that has a high demand, and a tolerable number of competitors.  Usually the advice given to people looking for profitable niches is to start with something you love and go from there (ya, right!).  However, if you don’t love what you’re doing, you’re not likely to stick with it for very long.  And, if you don’t have any knowledge of the subject, it’s going to be hard to write about it.

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Fill Your Vault With Valentines Day Profits

Valentine GoldI’m sure you know the answer to this question, but just to make sure:

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Build Your Affiliate Niche Without Building a Web Site

If you’ve subscribed to my list, you should now have your web site up and running, and your viral reports out there making money.  In my Newsletters, I walk you through the process of getting your site set up, using Auto Responders,  Keyword Research tools – the whole works!

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eBay’s Top Sellers Are Your Affiliate Niche Products

Have you checked out eBay’s top sellers list lately? 

This time of year, it’s important to keep an eye on this part of the eBay site.  Check out what’s hot -on  the top 25 list, then find out if the products have affiliate programs (usually they do). 

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17 Clever Words You Should Use to Get Your Articles Read

In this short special report, I want to let you know about a small list of words that I’ve got written down on a piece of paper.  I keep these in front of me at all times. Then, whenever I’m writing a  headline or Article title, I try to incorporate a few of these into my writing.  They are incredible words and for some reason, have proven to make people want to discover more about what is written within. 

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My Million Dollar Wiki Niche Site Test

I decided to “take the bull by the horns,” as they say, and invest in a Niche Affiliate Marketing page on the MillionDollarWiki site.  I’ve never invested in those pixel sites  – where you buy a tiny space on a web-site and it’s supposed to get you traffic; I just couldn’t see how that would work. But this time I was inspired by a post ShoeMoney made on his blog  titled Million Dollar Wiki A Good Investment?

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Niche Marketing using Easy DataFeeds

It’s kind of funny what you miss sometimes when you’re in the midst of a lot of excitement. Here’s a sort-of embarrassing story that happened to me at a Summit – fortunately, I still managed to find out about a new – easy to use Datafeed service where you get to keep all the commissions. 

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Niche Marketing – Free Advice and Tools

Since Niche Marketing is such a labor intensive craft – as is all marketing I suppose, it pays to know what works the best.  Believe me, you will save a lot of time reformatting things if you do it right the first time.  Here are some things you should do – and some free tools to help you determine if your efforts are getting you anywhere: [Read more…]