New Google Keyword Tool ROCKS for Affiliate Marketers!

Who knew that Google would ever give Affiliate Marketers an advantage – for FREE!  It’s one that they once claimed they would never do, but now it’s done.  Announcing the New Google Keyword Tool!

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Project Quick Cash – Reviewed

Project Quick Cash ReviewedI just finished going through Alok Jain’s eBook titled Project Quick Cash. I must say, I’m quite impressed.  I’ve read a lot of Internet Marketing eBooks in my time and I figured this was just going to be the same old thing. 

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Is Your Blog Ready to Start Making You Money?

The Blog Classroom currently has a series of free videos available that will teach you the proper way to set up your blog, how to get immediate traffic and how to start finally MAKING MONEY, with your blog! [Read more…]

How to Locate Perfect and Profitable Niche Markets

Niche Marketing is basically finding a specialty product that has a high demand, and a tolerable number of competitors.  Usually the advice given to people looking for profitable niches is to start with something you love and go from there (ya, right!).  However, if you don’t love what you’re doing, you’re not likely to stick with it for very long.  And, if you don’t have any knowledge of the subject, it’s going to be hard to write about it.

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Fill Your Vault With Valentines Day Profits

Valentine GoldI’m sure you know the answer to this question, but just to make sure:

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eBay’s Top Sellers Are Your Affiliate Niche Products

Have you checked out eBay’s top sellers list lately? 

This time of year, it’s important to keep an eye on this part of the eBay site.  Check out what’s hot -on  the top 25 list, then find out if the products have affiliate programs (usually they do). 

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