Classified Ads Make Affiliate Marketing Easy and Profitable

It’s time to get ready for the Holiday Season! If you have something to market to the billions of people who will be shopping online this season, you better be getting prepared now.  You should be getting your blog prepared, and any classified ads and PPC ads in the works now.

I read recently that advertisers trying to get new Adwords Ads approved have to wait weeks for approval! It’s not fair, but it is what it is so if you use Adwords as an advertising channel, get them in for approval now – even if you have to put them on pause for awhile.

If you haven’t started already, it might be a little late to start building web sites and getting them indexed for traffic in time for Holiday sales.  However, if you’re feeling behind in this area and haven’t tried classified advertising, this might be something you can (should) look into.  With classified ads you don’t need a web site or a list, and you don’t need to do expensive PPC marketing. You just put up an ad with your affiliate link to the product, and you’re out there!

The two classified ads sites that are highly recommended are:

USFree Ads – You can start for free, test out 10 ads, and see how they work for you. If you want even more “bang” just pay $10/year and you can post more ads, and then for $10/month, you can posted unlimited ads all with live links, pictures, etc.   They are a highly effective classified advertising network.

There’s also Killer Marketing Arsenal owned by Jinger Jarrett. Her classified ads are syndicated to over 200 classified sites including Facebook, MySpace, Walmart,, and Backpage. You submit ONE ad, and she submits it to the other sites. You can sign up for her Affiliate Marketing Resources for Free, but in order to get into the classified ad section, there is a $10/month charge (for unlimited syndicated ads).  Very Good/Inexpensive classified Ads Profits!

Get going now – and Good Luck!


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