Diminishing Returns of Blog Networks And What To Do Now

Well, the blog networks are gone and I have to say, I will miss them. It was just getting so easy to check my stats and crank out a 150 word article for any keyword that was falling from the rankings. I guess I should have known that it can’t really be that easy. Eventually the Big G sees that people are making money a little easier and they put a stop to it. After all, it’s G’s goal to make money with their search engine – you can’t get to the top by paying someone else for links (it is, of course, against their terms of service)!

Fortunately for me, I only discovered this type of blogging a few months ago, so I didn’t take as big of a hit as others did. And, since I write all articles myself, I didn’t spam the networks with ten posts a day (times 5 sites). It’s always a good feeling to know you did something right (well, sort of)!

This de-indexing of the blog network sites was a total surprise to me. I had no idea it was a fairly black-hat marketing method. But whatever! – buyer beware as they say. It does leave me scratching my head as to what to do next. I guess I’ll just do what I was doing before I discovered the blog networks:

  • Article Writing
  • Press Releases
  • Web 2.0 properties
  • etc.

It’s more work, but there are a few tools that I use so make the work go faster.

Article Distribution – I would not be without the Article Marketing Robot. It’s not like the old robots that logged into each account they submitted to and if you wanted to watch, you could see every blank filled in. It used to take me hours to post to 50 sites using Article Post Robot, but now everything is posted and linked in about 5 minutes.

Web 2.0 Creation – One thing that does seem to work wonders is getting backlinks through Web 2.0 sites (like WordPress, Blogger, Hub Pages, Zimbo, Gather, Blogtext, etc.) However, I have found that the real key to these links isn’t in the link on the specific property, it’s adding an additional Social Bookmark that shows the article is “liked.” In case you’re not familiar with social bookmarks – they are simply when you tag the URL of a page that you like (you “Digg” it, add it to Savenkeep.com, Connotea.com, Reddit.com, etc.) If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that I just gave you four sites – all PR8 social bookmarking sites that you can put your links on – and they’re free!

So get started adding links from your press releases, articles, etc. Don’t get carried away though, I usually don’t add any one article to more than a few of these at a time. It’s also a good idea to have the “SexyBookmarks” plugin on your blog so other people can add your blog links to their social accounts. The more you get “liked” the higher you’ll rank in organic search. You can also use SEO Link Robot to help automatically create Web 2.0 sites and bookmark them at the same time. You’ll never miss a beat with this tool!

Lastly, I just found out that if you use tools to check on your rankings a lot (Like Market Samara, Keyword Elite, etc.) you could get in trouble because apparently tools that tell you where you stand in the rankings are against a certain search engine’s terms of service (of course, why not – everything else is!). I guess they want you to use their analytics tools so they can keep an eye on you.  If you are checking your ranks on a daily basis, you might want to hide your IP address using Hide My Ass, or use a proxy service. These basically re-route your IP address to a different IP address so no one can tell what you’re doing, where you’re going, or where you’ve been online.

So that’s what you can do to keep going for now to make money in your niche. If I hear of anything new (that’s white hat), I’ll keep you posted.


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