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If you’re an Affiliate Marketer I have two questions for you today. How many times have you thought about writing an article then decided it was just too much work? Ok then, how many times have you began to tell a story and then decided that was too much work and stopped in the middle of the story? The answer to the second question is – probably never. But the answer to the first one is probably a lot since many affiliate marketers (including me) kind of dread writing articles after we’ve written about 50 or so. But that problem might be solved easily with Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice to Text Software.

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The Nuance Company has just released the most up-to-date product ever seen in the area of voice to text software. And believe me – I would know. I have tested this type of software before, I even tested the older Dragon software, but there was a big learning curve before it figured out exactly what I wanted to say; and if you have an accent – forget it! But that’s all changed now with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium! This is the most amazing software I’ve ever seen.

One more question before I get on to the capabilities of the software. How many times have you wished you had a secretary so you could just record your thoughts and have them typed out for you? Actually I do feel sorry for those whose profession is in the transcription field because they will soon be an un-needed resource with the new abilities of voice to text software. So, what’s so exciting about this new software? Here are just a few things, but you can see everything at the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Web site.

First and most exciting for affiliate marketers is the voice to text aspect. You talk, it types. Just start speaking and watch your words being typed on your computer screen. It’s as fast as typing except you are speaking out loud; and you’re fingers aren’t moving! This software will type onto Word, Word Perfect, Excel, Outlook, and more! And, even though I can type at 100 words per minute, Dragon is faster with up to 99% recognition accuracy right out of the box!

So whatever you are thinking about – you can put into words and blog it now or later. It just doesn’t get any easier than this! You sit at your PC in a relaxed position – no more repetitive stress injuries or arthritis in the fingers. You can even create spreadsheets and presentations. And with the premium edition, you can send email, surf the Web, update your Facebook page or download music – just ask and Dragon Naturally Speaking will do it all!

Ok, I’m sure you can tell how exciting this is for me. Mostly because I have just recently started to get arthritis in my fingers and thought my affiliate marketing career was ending. But now I feel like its just beginning! I will be able to do twice as much in my work day if I can just sit and talk, instead of typing all day.

Click Here to go Directly to the Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice to Text Software Store

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium by Nuance


SALE! Amazon has the Premium Version II on sale for just $99.99  (if you don’t mind being one update short).

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