Four Overlooked Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Writing Tactics

I recently did a Pay Per Click (PPC) study for The Affiliate Classroom where I compared two different Adwords ads to see where I could get the highest Click Through Rate (CTR).  Not surprisingly, the ad where I bid on the actual product name was the winner!

Here are four things that can be done increase the CTR when using PPC advertising:

Always strive to get as close to the actual product name as the merchant will let you. Most merchants will not let you bid on their company branded name using PPC.  However, they are much more likely to let you bid on the name of the product. 

Use whatever keyword tool you have at your disposal to make sure people are actually searching for the keyword

For example:  Your merchants name could be WidgetMaker, with a bestwidget product.  When you do PPC keyword research, you may find that there are very few people searching for that particular keyword because not many people have heard of the bestwidget.  In this case, it will not do a bit of good to set up a campaign for the bestwidget.  PPC is only profitable if people are actually searching for the item you have for sale.

Get the highest CTR by setting up a variety of Ad Groups

In Adwords, you set up “Campaigns” and then “Ad Groups.”  It doesn’t make much difference what you name your campaigns.  That section is primarily to help you stay organized. However, how your set up your Ad Groups makes all the difference in the world!  Each Ad Group should target a very specific keyword and related keyword phrases.  Make sure the ads in each group point to a page on your site that is optimized for that keyword.

For example:  I have a Gardening site  It has a lot of information on Square Foot Gardening, Container Gardening, and Landscaping.  For this site, my Adwords Campaign name is Gardening. 

Then I have three separate ad groups that focus on the individual areas.  The Container Gardening ad group has just the keywords related to, you guessed it, container gardening.  I point the ads in this group to a specific page on my site that deals with container gardening.  Same with Landscaping and the other categories on my site.

Make sure your web-page is highly optimized for one or two specific keywords

I also make sure the page that I send people to is optimized for the exact keywords that I’m bidding on in the ad group.  This method gets a much higher CTR than when I was just starting out, and lumped everything into one Ad Group.

While I’ll admit that it’s much more time-consuming to set up the separate groups, it saves me money because of the higher CTR. 

Test variations of keywords and keyword phrases until you get the highest CTR possible.

It’s no secret to those who know the Adwords System; the advertiser with the highest CTR pays the least per click.  The structure of the ad should be as follows:

  1. Put the keyword in the headline of the ad, if possible. 
  2. On the first description line give the searcher a benefit.  This will let them know that what they’re looking for can be found at your site. (Example:  “Learn how to Garden in Small Spaces”). 
  3. Capitalize the first letter of each main word (as in the example above).  
  4. On the last line, tell them what they’ll get when they arrive at the site.  This is where you give them a feature of the site.  Possible features include free eBooks, specific information, trial offers, etc.

Now that you’ve got your ads set up properly, what will the visitor see when they click on your ad and get to your site? What they should see is very precise, pre-sales information that will make them want to click again – to the Merchants site!

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