Get Website Traffic Statistics Painlessly

When I was just starting out in Affiliate Marketing, I would put up sites, add content to them, and then do a few things to try to get traffic (like writing articles, backlinking, etc.). Then I would wait and see what happened. I had no clue on how to track website traffic statistics; and also no clue on how much money I was leaving behind, until now. . .

One day I was chatting with a fellow affiliate marketer and was doing the old “woe is me, I’m not making any money” thing. So he decided to help me.

First he asked me a few questions:

  • How much traffic are you getting?
  • How many backlinks to you have?
  • What’s your position in Google?

My answers were simple, um, I dunno!

I HATE Website Traffic Statistics and Tracking!

I sort of knew how much traffic I was getting by going into the cPanel of my domain and looking at the charts. I did do this every now and then, but the other two I had no clue on.

So, the next question he asked was:

If you don’t know where you currently stand by not studying your website traffic statistics, how do you know how much work it will take to get you to Page 1 of the organic search results?

Again, I was silent. It was certainly a valid point, so I came back with, “how do I get website traffic statistics without spending a fortune on tools?”

It seems like everything is so simple for him, he showed me his cPanel where he had a few plug-ins installed that showed him graphs of his visitors, what they clicked on, where they went after they left his site, etc. A good WordPress plug-in to show you how many visitors click on your links is called “GoCodes.” It will also shorten your URL to cloak your affiliate link.

Well, again, I’m not a big fan of tracking and numbers (of course he IS), but I’d rather be writing! However, this advice that he was giving me made sense, so he gave me a few VERY VALUABLE things I could use (for FREE!) to track my progress. And, I must say, Affiliate Marketing gets a lot more exciting when you can see the evidence of what you’re doing and know that it’s actually working. In fact, I was only THREE backlinks away from having a first place listing for one of my keywords – Now that’s sadly, probably a bit of money left on the table for something that would take me about 5 minutes to accomplish.

Anyway, enough of my story. Whether you hate tracking, or love it, it’s a necessity of Affiliate Marketing. So here are three of the things I now use on a daily basis to see where my sites sit in organic search, and everything else. (all free!)

Backlinks Checker Tool: Shows you how many backlinks have actually registered on your site.

PageRank Checker to see your EXACT position in Google Organic Search (not just who is in the top 10 (go to the middle of the page for this tool).

Traffic Travis: You can track 5 sites for Free – Do Keyword Research, find out who your competitors are, etc. It’s an amazing product and I can’t believe it’s free to use. If you REALLY hate spending time on website traffic statistics, this is your one stop shop to find out where the opportunities are, and what you might be leaving on the table.




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