Google Slapped a Perfect Niche Marketing Site

Google Niche Slap – Increase quality or bid $10.00 to Activate!  Did you get hit with the most recent Google Slap?  I sure did.  I was horrified one day when one of my newest sites was no longer available via PPC.  Almost every keyword had the message “increase quality or bid to $10.00 to activate.”  What’s a Niche Affiliate Marketer to do?

I went in and tweaked my keywords; made separate Adword groups for each one (like I should have to begin with), and made them all go to the appropirate content pages. 

All was good – for a day.  Then some keywords got taken down again and wanted a $10.00 bid, and some a $5.00 bid.  I was about ready to give up when I ran across someone who had done basically the same thing, but better. 

This is what he did to resolve $10.00 bid issue.

In Adwords Editor, I copied all the keywords that had the higher minimum bids into a 2nd version of the same exact campaign that only had adgroups with the slapped words in it. I then deleted the words from the original campaign, posted the changes, waited a half hour, then posted the new campaigns with the slapped keywords.

Viola! No more high minimum CPC’s. This has works for a period of time until SOME of those words get slapped again. I do the same, and create a version3 campaign.

I have not had to do this for a while now as it seems as though our keywords have not been slapped again.

FYI, in the secondary and third duplicate campaigns that only have the slapped words in them, I use the same exact campaign, adgroup, adtext, landing pages, etc.

My conclusion, is that it can be glitch in the system as well as it can also be “true” poor quality scores that are triggering this to happen.

So, first make sure your content is good on your pages and your PPC campaign is fully optimized and set up like it should be.  If you’ve done all that and got slapped anyway, try this avenue.  It shouldn’t take long to do, and you may just get your campaign back!


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