Google Slaps – Itself?

I read an interesting post over at CDF Networks and I just had to share it with you. It really made my day that someone was finally benefiting from something Google was doing, and then I got a little suspicious.

You see, I was slapped big time by G this week on one of my niche affiliate sites.  I spent the entire day yesterday re-optimizing my ads and trying to get them so show again.  Finally all was well, and I received about 25 clicks yesterday.

Then today – WHAM!  Slapped again!  ALL of my ads, even the ones that were completely and painstakingly optimized and going to pages with keyword targeted content are getting G’s infamous “Inactive for search – Increase quality or bid $10.00 to activate” warning.

That’s what made me wonder.  The CDF post post says that some of the old campaigns suddenly began showing ads again, and getting lots of clicks.  However, his pages were no longer optimized, and his conversions were low.  Not at all what an Affiliate Marketer wants to see.

So, who made the money off of me yesterday – and who’s making money by showing old ads that have just been sitting inside of Adwords dormant for awhile (because they refuse to show them)?

All I can say is, it’s not me!  Hopefully you’re having better luck.  I’m going to put my efforts into marketing techniques other than PPC, and stop wasting time optimizing ads for Greedy G!


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