Google Sniper Is Good, But Heres One Not So Good

Sometimes at the end of the year I go into information mode.  I’m not really sure what it is. Perhaps it’s just to get closer to my goals, or maybe I need a few more business write offs, or maybe I’m just plain sick of Google Adwords taking three fourths of my money and/or leaving me high and dry!   Whatever the reason, probably the latter, this month I purchased two programs that had nothing to do with PPC with the hope that I could make/keep a little more money next year.

The first product was Aggressive Wealth Secrets.  I have to say they have one of the best sales letters I’ve read; I was salivating at the end of it.  And then I found out that it was only $7.00 – I’m in!  Then came the upsell, the downsell, neither of which I bought.  Well, after all that, I wasn’t really in.  You see, the $7.00 only bought me the organization software – which would be good if I was unorganized, I’m VERY organized.  It was actually the UPSELL that was referenced in the sales letter! 

This is a sales tactic that I have not seen before.  An entire sales letter mostly devoted (underhandly) to the upsell? I was very confused and disappointed as I entered the Membership area only to find I had purchased a monthly subscription to some software, and those wealth secrets were nowhere to be found.

I had almost sworn off purchasing anything else this year when I read the Google Sniper sales letter.  Again, I was salivating.  It was all about Web 2.0 and other ways to get your site noticed by the search engines.  Again, no mention of the dreaded PPC.  So, I almost timidly pressed the order now button, and this time I WAS IN!

There was a giant manual, a work flow tree, videos, everything there should be!  And it’s all easy to do. In fact, I’m doing most of it now, but there are a few things I’m leaving out, or doing backwards.  It pays to have the correct information from the Guru. 

So if you’re looking for that ONE product that will tell you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing – without it being all about expensive PPC Ads, then Google Sniper is your key!


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