Hide My Ass VPN Service Reviewed

I feel like I’m sometimes behind when it comes to new technology that hides things, especially the importance of having anonymous browsing history; and it never actually occurred to me to hide my IP address using a VPN service. However, I recently decided to test some VPN software called Hide my Ass and here’s why I decided it was worth investing in.

The reason I decided to test this software is because I’m currently using the SEO Link Robot (which I can highly recommend) to build web sites on high PR Web 2.0 properties.  Before I had the Hide My Ass VPN software, the first few sites I built around niche keywords worked just fine. But after the second series of keywords I targeted, I found that some of the sites wouldn’t let me build anymore. They had rules – like you can only build one site a month, or you could only do so many blog posts a week, etc.

Not all of the sites did this, so I was still able to continue building. But I felt like I was really missing out on some back link opportunities since I was doing all the work to write and spin the articles as recommended. That’s when I found out about Hide My Ass, which lets you use a VPN to change your IP address. The next time I used the SEO Link Robot to set up my sites, I didn’t have a problem with any of them. Everything ran smoothly and the headache of going back into the sites to see what was wrong was gone!

I purchased a month subscription the first time to see if I liked it, then went back and bought a year subscription (wish I had just done that to begin with and saved those 11 bucks!).

Also, if you just want a Web Proxy, you can use theirs for free. Proxies basically hide your IP address so you can do anonymous browsing online; it makes your IP address more secure, but it does not CHANGE your IP address. Like the Hide My Ass VPN Software does.

If you are spying on your competition to see what keywords they’re using for their campaigns, it would be a good idea to Hide Your Ass and get a VPN so you can’t be located.  And, like I said, if you use any kind of Robot to do posting to Web properties, it’s an excellent way to be able to build as many sites as you want. And, no one will ever be able to associate you to all your sites. In other words, keep spying on others because they will NOT be able to spy back and steal your precious niche keywords.

I won’t write down all the other benefits to this VPN software; you can go there and check it out yourself. But I will tell you that  Hide My Ass has the most extensive geographic coverage  – with services in 30 countries – which exceeds any other VPN software you’ll find in the marketplace. You can also pick which one (IP Address) you want to use for the fastest connection speed, and you don’t HAVE to use it all the time. Whenever you want to be invisible online, just log into your Hide My Ass account and select your new IPN address. It’s really VERY simple to use.



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