New Google Keyword Tool ROCKS for Affiliate Marketers!

Who knew that Google would ever give Affiliate Marketers an advantage – for FREE!  It’s one that they once claimed they would never do, but now it’s done.  Announcing the New Google Keyword Tool!

Yesterday, I was doing some keyword tracking and did a keyword search using the Google keyword tool.  Then I noticed something new – the keyword rating was no longer a rating of 1-5.  Now it’s showing Actual Search Volume!  Instead of just seeing those green bars after searching using the Google keyword Tool – which always confused me anyway, you’ll get actual numbers! 

There’s a column for the Approximate Search by month, and Average Search Volume, and it’s filled with data!

I’m thinking that with this new information, I can give up my Wordtracker account – although, I will still need to do some tests and comparisons to see if the numbers “add up” before I make my final decision. 

 The only thing I’ve read so far that could skew the Google keyword numbers is that the default search is set to “Broad” match.  So, if you’re doing Niche Marketing Research, you’ll want to make sure to set it at Phrase or Exact Match to get better results on your niche research.

Most of the comments I’ve seen about this new tool say “it’s about time!”  The old green bar way of displaying information was basically unuseable.  Now there’s actually something that can compare to the old Yahoo!/Overture keyword tracking tool that is no longer available.

According to the Google Blog post, “Now, when you use the Keyword Tool to search for relevant keywords to include in your keyword list, you’ll be able to see the approximate number of search queries matching your keywords that were performed on Google and the search network.”

See for yourself – check out their new tool here! 

Good Luck!


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