Niche Marketing – Free Advice and Tools

Since Niche Marketing is such a labor intensive craft – as is all marketing I suppose, it pays to know what works the best.  Believe me, you will save a lot of time reformatting things if you do it right the first time.  Here are some things you should do – and some free tools to help you determine if your efforts are getting you anywhere:

  • When using Video, be sure to add captioning to the Video. You can do this on YouTube after you save your video.
  • When using Adsense Ads, you will get the greatest click-through rate with the Large Rectangle (336×280). Use a white background, and blue heading with black text. DO NOT use a border.
  • In Niche Marketing, it is esepcially important to use Keyword Research tools to target those Long Tail Keywords. One of the most popular is WordTracker.  And, Yahoo’s Free Keyword Selector Tool is now available again.  Use both of these together and you’ll never miss another important keyword.

SEOQuake is another important tool that every Niche Marketer should use.  It’s basically a toolbar that gives you a Google Snapshot of page information like Page Rank, Alexa Rank, etc.

If you don’t like/or don’t have time to do a lot of tracking, this is one tool that you will not want to be without!  A lot of Super Affiliate Marketers are now using this as their primary SEO (Search Engine Marketing) tracking system.  It’s a great “at a glance” notation of where you stand in the world of Internet Marketing.

Start there, and I’ll give you more tools as time goes on.

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