Niche Marketing using Easy DataFeeds

It’s kind of funny what you miss sometimes when you’re in the midst of a lot of excitement. Here’s a sort-of embarrassing story that happened to me at a Summit – fortunately, I still managed to find out about a new – easy to use Datafeed service where you get to keep all the commissions.¬†

I attended the Affiliate Summit East in Miami in July and learned a LOT of things that I could do to help me increase my Niche Marketing sales. On the last day, I quickly visited some booths; got some last minute Networking in; and picked up a few little trinkets (pens, pads, etc.), and put them into my handy Joe Bucks bag.

Then I went on to a session where we were able to discuss issues with the experts, and ask questions etc. The man who was moderating the session was very smart on Niche Affiliate Marketing, so our group had a good learning experience.

I started to chat with a woman beside me, who was VERY excited about a booth she had just visited. It was a site that made Datafeeds automatically for you.

This technology was nothing new to me, because I currently have a Gift Site where I’m using datafeeds, all of which I made with one line of code using GoldenCan.

However, she was talking about a new service that was even better than GoldenCan, it was called PopShops. I told her what I was using, and she said that PopShops was better because:

  • There was no 4th click split commisson payments – you keep all the commission
  • You can make blogger widgets
  • You can edit the Titles and Descriptions
  • They have a keyword search of 10 million niche-related products to choose from
  • You can start out with 10 shops for FREE!
  • ¬†There was a lot more, but you can see for yourself

This was exciting so I continued to pick her brain. Saying that I would have to go find them in the Merchant area and get some more information.

Then I looked at the pen I was writing with – and guess what – it said

Oops, embarrassing moment #1. THEN, the Moderator introduced himself to her and said he was glad to finally meet her. She was an Affiliate Marketing TOP Producer! Embarrassing moment #2 on making a good first impression with a Big-Wig (I could have been brown-nosing!)

From now, I’m going to pay more attention to where I’ve been, and where I”m at, and who I’m talking to, etc.!

If you have been scared of Data Feeds in the past- do yourself a favor and check out PopShops. There is no real learning curve, just pick your products, copy/paste the HTML code, and you’ve got yourself a perfect Niche Marketing Shop in just a few minutes.



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