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You Better Watch Your Ads With the New Google +1 System

Now that Google has its own Social Network (Google+) they also have more places to show your ads – other than on other people’s keyword targeted blogs and sites that display Adsense Ads. You might think this is a good thing because your ads will get more exposure and maybe it is – but don’t […]

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Webmaster Tools – Traffic Travis Reviewed

If you’ve built more than one website as an affiliate marketer you might consider yourself a webmaster. It has a nice ring to it, and it’s actually true – you’ll have to master your web – building it and getting traffic to it or it will be hard for you to succeed. And that’s why […]

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Why Buy Backlinks When You Can Get Them For Free?

We all know how hard it is to get any kind of ranking with Google for your niche website. You have to have your site correctly keyword coded; you have to pay attention to meta tags; you have to do a lot of keyword research and make sure your categories are in sync with your […]

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Get Website Traffic Statistics Painlessly

When I was just starting out in Affiliate Marketing, I would put up sites, add content to them, and then do a few things to try to get traffic (like writing articles, backlinking, etc.). Then I would wait and see what happened. I had no clue on how to track website traffic statistics; and also […]

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Affiliate Marketing — Adsense Only Makes Cents!

You know what’s screwed up? I see more and more affiliate sites becoming big Adsense sites (including me). So, Instead of affiliates making 15-20% commission by selling a merchants products, affiliate marketers are selling their top web space advertising spots for pennies – to Google!. I agree, pennies do add up, and this is probably […]

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Why Ignoring Messages From Your Affiliate Manager is a Good Thing!

Ok, I admit, I just made that title up to try to make you read an important post.  This morning I received an email message from an Affiliate Manager telling me I haven’t made a sale in a while, and how could they help me. Usually when I get these messages I just ignore them. […]

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