PPC Classroom Attendees Win Big in Vegas!

On Monday I returned from the PPC Classroom Live event after two days of intensive information gathering.  All I can say is, what a conference!

Even though I was dead tired, I immediately got to work changing some of the things I was doing wrong. 

Did you know that Google doesn’t think it’s good enough to just have a privacy policy on your page – you need to LINK to it also! 

That’s kind of major!  If you do all the work to put that page up, then Google ignores it, it’s wasted effort.

Oh, and how about this.  Your call to action should be a BIG GREEN button (with Buy Now, or whatever, but green seems to be the thing!)

It was the little things like that that were just fascinating – and that could make or break a beginner.  Who know that you could increase conversions just by using a particular color.

I  have been to a few Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing seminars in the past, but I have to say this was the best one I’ve ever attended!

Kirt Christensens‘ speech was amazing! I’m sure some of the Super Affiliates had a chat with him after telling him NOT to reveal so many of the tools THEY use every day to keep ahead of the competition. 

Jeremy Palmer and Anik Singal also spoke again, giving even more ways to increase PPC profits.  That’s only to name a few, all in all, there were 9 Speakers, 12 speeches made, and an opportunity for  Q&A at the end – all on a two-day timespan! 

If you’ve never met Anik Singal, he’s a really great guy! 

Here’s a picture of Anik and me.  Anik is the Founder of the Affiliate Classroom, where he teaches people the correct way to do Affiliate Marketing.  Their Step-by-Step program cannot be beat for keeping Affiliates on track, and helping them succeed as quickly as possible.

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I better get back work now, I have 20 pages of notes to go through – and lots of changes to make!



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