PPCClassroom – Can I Still Get In?

What happened to me when I discovered the PPC Classroom was quite a surprise!  I stared blankly at my computer screen as  I felt a chill go up my spine!  That might have been because I had spent six years in college learning Marketing, or, it could have something to do with what I was reading about the PPCClassroom.

Turns out, I was indeed having a flashback as I remembered my 6-years at a Washington University. 

My original goal was to go back to school and complete my Marketing Degree.  I already had a two-year degree, so I figured it would be another two years well spent.  However, after reviewing my Transcripts from previous courses, the “Upper Level Powers That Be” decided that my first two years at another school didn’t count – I would have to start over again!

In order to pay for it all, I would have to attended college part-time, while working at a full-time job. It was six years of pure hell (because I hate taking tests) but in the end, I couldn’t have been more proud as I walked down the aisle with my degree in hand.

Then the dream became a reality when after two more years of waiting, I got a job in the Marketing Department of the Company I had worked for for five years.  WOW! I was set!  I was finally in my dream job – or so I thought. . .

In all actuality, it was just like any other job.  I worked for someone else, did what I was told, watched silently as my Manager took credit for any good ideas I had.  After a few years of that, I decided to try Affiliate Marketing part-time.

Since I’ve been in Affiliate Marketing for a few years now, I know all about writing articles, doing Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and the whole slew of other things that it takes to make money as an Affiliate.

But there is still one elusive thing – it still seems like I give Adwords more money than I make most of the time, and click prices are terribly high now days.

That’s where the PPC Classroom comes in, and fortunately, it won’t take you six years to learn!  You learn at your own pace, while being coached from two people who have made millions in the business.

Anik Singal (Affiliate Classroom) and Jeremy Palmer (quityourdayjob.com – and also the one  called the $1 Million Affiliate), will take you step by step through what it takes to make money using PPC advertising. 

Jeremy will show you EXACT samples of his Ads, landing pages, and everything else he did to get the sales that made him a Millionaire. 

And, you know that no two people do things the same way, so Anik will show you another Adwords perspective – You’ll get the view from two different millionaire minds!

If you want to learn how to actually use Adwords to MAKE money, instead of putting a lot of cash into testing, take a look.   You could be one of the first to get on the Fast Track – armed with the information you need to blow everyone else in the business away! 

Will you be the next $1 Million Affiliate?



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