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I just finished a press release advertising a new site I just set up.  I’ve only had to do press release writing one other time, and got so frustrated that I just hired someone to do it.  But since I had one completed already, I just used the same template and it went pretty fast. Then I went to try to discover press release distribution companies.  The two main Press release distribution companies out there are:


PRWeb charges $80 for a simple release, and up to $200 if you want your links to be active.  WebWire is better, charging $20 per submission.

Press release writing is a new tool I am planning to use to get backlinks to my site, but I’m not sure I want to pay $20 or more every time I want to roll out a new site.  That’s why I searched around a little to see if there was a cheaper press release distribution option.

That’s when I found this great software that blew away having to pay every time I wanted to send a press release.   This software not doesn’t just submit to one site, it submits to hundreds of sites at the same time.  There are also other important backlinking features included, such as:

  • Effortlessly flooding your website with more backlinks — 100s, if you use it effectively.
  • Get any page you want visited by the major search engine spiders (including Google) in 3 days or less!
  • Gain significantly higher search engine rankings in 7 days!
  • Enjoy up to thousands of targeted visitors (from your unique content) pouring into any website you want (this alone could equal a nice affiliate pay-check).

I have to admit, I’m tired of writing and spinning articles for backlinks.  That’s why I was pleasantly surprised with this software, and why I’m recommending it to you today. You can get hundreds of backlinks at the push of the button with the Press Equalizer Software.




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