Secret SEO Article Writing Tips

I think I’ve found the perfect system to make sure an article appears in the natural search results.  Here’s my concept; it’s all about nifty article writing tips that I just figured out. I’ve been having a real hard time trying to get my articles to appear in the free search results.  I’ve  been following all the SEO article writing rules too.  I do my keyword research, then I keyword code my article and submit it  to article directories, then I look for it. And look, and look.  Sometimes it’s there, sometimes not. I just recognized the one thing I was forgetting though. 

And that was to make sure the keyword was ACTUALLY being searched for before I write the article (very important for SEO article writing).  I discovered that no matter what the Google Keyword Tool gives you for keywords, before you write an article, you better make sure that keyword is actually getting impressions.
So before you do any article writing, – here’s one BIG article writing tip: Put together a PPC campaign with all of your keywords in it.  Then, WAIT as long as you can, minimum 2 weeks, and see what keywords actually get impressions AND clicks! if possible, do conversion tracking to discover which keywords are actually converting.

Then write your article based on ONLY THE BEST keywords.  Since each article should focus on one or two keyword/phrases, this gives you the best chance at getting listed in the natural search results. Then submit your article to at least two article directory sites:

If you want your article to stay in the natural results for a long time into the future, I suggest you also submit it to the Content Spooling Network.  This is a membership site, but they submit your site to ACTUAL WEB PAGES, as well as directories, so you get more authority site backlinks. After you hit these three, your work is done.

I always take this extra step now and I can’t really tell you why I didn’t think of this article writing tip before – it seems so logical.  It increases my income since the natural listings are Free, and as soon as my article writings appear on the first page of the natural results, I can shut off my PPC campaign for awhile and make pure profit!

It just doesn’t get any better than that.


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