Secret to Making Ads Appear in Gmail

I’m reading affiliate marketing news all the time. But there are some things I can’t believe I miss – until some Guru comes out selling a big secret to making ads appear in Gmail that he’s just discovered and will share it with everyone else for a small fee ($97.00).  So this one’s on me – don’t stop reading, and keep your $97.00.

It’s easy to make your google content ad appear in Gmail. These are the ads that you see in your gmail in-box. It’s called the Google CONTENT Network!  Big secret huh!

Google released this information on July 1, 2009

“Get on Top of Gmail with Placement Targeting

“Your clients can target the Gmail Top of Inbox with text ads. This is the small section above the inbox which displays ads, news stories and other relevant links. To do so, simply create an ad group using placements and find “, Inbox Top Center” in the placement tool.
Note:  Gmail will continue to only support text ads and you will only be able to target the inbox view and not the conversation views. Conversation views will still only be available through contextual targeting.”

Like I said, I can’t believe I missed that big “secret” to making ads appear in gmail.

In the past, I haven’t targeted the content network because I thought it might be too expensive.  But then again, like I said, I never really thought about how to make ads appear in gmail accounts.  If you write a VERY targeted ad, taking into consideration what people might be talking about – or complaining about, etc. You just might find your ad in the box right beside their conversation, or better yet, at the top of their inbox.

For example, maybe two guys are discussing the fact that they want to make Hip Hop Music at home.  They discuss how neat it would be to have music production software that they could use at home while drinking beer and eating popcorn.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes you already have a web site targeting people who want to – you guessed it – Make Hip Hop Music at home, and you’ve got some ads running on the Google content network.  By adding the target to your campaign, your ads might now display when they mention your keywords!

They are having a relevant conversation, and because you are using the Content Network and either targeting 1) make hip hop music at home, or 2) music production software, your ad is displayed. If they haven’t been drinking for too long, maybe they’ll click on it and buy this cool product – and just maybe – you’ll be the one who gets the commission for a change!




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