Simple Search Engine Optimization Tips

I’m starting to get tired of paying Google for every sale I make. It seems like I work my butt off to make a few sales, and for every two I make, Google gets the income from one in the form of their Advertising Expense.

But unfortunately, search engines rule the Internet and have a lot of control over how well or how poorly an affiliate promotion does. You either pay Google, or you learn how to overtake them.

Millions of people are surfing the Internet and using the search engines to find the ‘stuff’ they want or need. And as an affiliate, you need to be where they are looking.

Some affiliate marketers recommend using MSN or Yahoo! instead.  I have tried this, but the traffic just isn’t there in some cases.  After all, have you ever heard someone say “Yahoo! it?  Nope, if people are looking for something, they always Google it!

That’s why Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to our very survival; if they don’t find our recommended products in their search results, we don’t have a prayer of making them into our customers.

The key to search engine optimization is the use of key words and phrases in the content on your websites. If you use them wisely and to your best advantage you get listed in the results when people use your key words in their searches. If you use them poorly, you won’t be found.

Another key in affiliate marketing is to select keywords with LOWER searches per month, and LOWER competition.  If you’re a beginner and you go after a niche like Dog Training, you don’t have a chance (sorry).

Also, make sure your key words and phrases are in the title of your home page, and more than just once. They need to be included in our Meta tags, as well.

The density (how many times you use the keyword) needs to be between five and seven percent. If you use less, you won’t be listed and if you use more, you will be seen by the search engines as spamming.

It really is a fine line and the rules are always changing.  Basically, in any article I write for my site, or for article marketing, I make sure the keyword is in the title (for sure!), and in the opening paragraph.  Then a few more times sprinkled throughout the text, and again, for sure in the closing paragraph.

Use variations of your keywords on every page of a website for best results, and do some internal linking by using footers and side bar categories.

Get used to doing this when you are first starting, and as it becomes a natural way to build a site, you will also find yourself in the natural SEO results.

The very best book I’ve read, and use – on how to get to the first page SEO Google listings is Google Sniper.
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