Simple Steps to Make a Custom 404 Error Page Message

I had something horrifying – and something good happen to me recently. Here’s the good news/bad news. One day I decided to check my stats for all the web sites I own. I’m not normally a stat checker since I hate numbers, but it was recommended so I did it. Anyway, on one of my sites I noticed that there were quite a few people who were ending up with a 404 error page message.

I looked around to see if I could find out who where they were coming from so I could fix the bad link. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out why these people weren’t finding my page. Then I checked on what they saw when they got the 404 error page message.

Now here’s the bad news – they got the usual Note: You have reached a page that is not available, blah blah blah. . . no links to my site, no redirection, no place for them to go except somewhere else!

To say I was horrified would be an understatement. No wonder I was only making $50/month on the site. And, actually, I was happy with that because I wasn’t doing anything to promote the site. It was just running and trying to make money!

Now the good news is that after I put up the custom 404 error page message, I almost immediately made another $300.00 – and I did NOTHING else! WOW, from $50 to $300 a month because I took the time to do a 5-minute custom 404 error page message.

Here’s how to make a simple custom 404 Error page ; you should do this IMMEDIATELY if you don’t already have a custom 404 error page message:

If you use XSite Pro (which I highly recommend) to build your site, you can make a “notfound” page and copy the coding to into the 404 error page space (see below). This is nice because your custom 404 error page message will have your site header included and look exactly like your site.

If you just want to do the simple five minute cPanel trick, go into your cPanel and find the Error Pages icon (in the Advanced Section).

404 error page

Click on the Icon and it will take you to a listing of the various error pages.


Click on the 404 (not found) page and enter a simple redirect code. I redirected mine directly to the merchant through my affiliate link, my code looks like this (actual affiliate link & merchant has been removed to protect the niche).

<p><a href=”http://myaffiliatelink” target=”_blank”>Click Here to Learn More about My Merchant’s name!</a></p>

So now, when visitors land on my custom 404 error message page, they click the link and are sent directly the Merchant’s page. And, since my keywords are highly targeted, they get to buy what they were looking for. It’s all good! I’m soooo glad I decided to check my stats!

Do it now – before you forget!



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