Amazon is Selling Affiliates Blogs and Articles

Ok, maybe I’m overacting, maybe not, you tell me, here’s the story. I have a Google alert on my name so anytime someone posts anything with my name on it, I get an alert (if you’re an affiliate marketer, you should definitely be doing this!).  Saturday as I was working at my computer I received such an alert.  It was from an item that was posted on Amazon – and credited to my name.

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2010 Niche Marketing Predictions

I’ve been looking for some good Niche Marketing predictions for 2010 -and will keep looking for what specific niches will be popular in the coming year.  However, I did find this post by Perry Marshall and it has some good insight on what could be going on in the  Affiliate Marketing industry in 2010. Here’s my favorite: 

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Secret SEO Article Writing Tips

I think I’ve found the perfect system to make sure an article appears in the natural search results.  Here’s my concept; it’s all about nifty article writing tips that I just figured out. I’ve been having a real hard time trying to get my articles to appear in the free search results.  I’ve  been following all the SEO article writing rules too.  I do my keyword research, then I keyword code my article and submit it  to article directories, then I look for it. And look, and look.  Sometimes it’s there, sometimes not. I just recognized the one thing I was forgetting though. 

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Affiliate Marketing – My Marketing Favorites

Many people think there is only one way to do Affiliate Marketing, but they are sadly mistaken.  Successful affiliate marketing of products and/or services as an affiliate marketer can be done in a variety of ways –  just like it can be done in a variety of ways out in the real brick and mortar world.

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6 Secrets for Selecting Affiliate Programs that are Lucrative and Right for You

Affiliate marketers have some very important decisions to make before choosing products to market. In the beginning, a newbie might just look at products with high commissions and decide to market only those. However, it’s not really as easy as that. In order for your affiliate marketing efforts to be lucrative, you should evaluate a few different areas of the merchants program. [Read more…]

Project Quick Cash – Reviewed

Project Quick Cash ReviewedI just finished going through Alok Jain’s eBook titled Project Quick Cash. I must say, I’m quite impressed.  I’ve read a lot of Internet Marketing eBooks in my time and I figured this was just going to be the same old thing. 

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Is Your Blog Ready to Start Making You Money?

The Blog Classroom currently has a series of free videos available that will teach you the proper way to set up your blog, how to get immediate traffic and how to start finally MAKING MONEY, with your blog! [Read more…]

Google Slaps – Itself?

I read an interesting post over at CDF Networks and I just had to share it with you. It really made my day that someone was finally benefiting from something Google was doing, and then I got a little suspicious.

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