Totally Free Keyword Generator

I found a free keyword generator tool that almost outperforms Google and WordTracker put together, so I thought I’d write a quick note and let you know about it. I’ve tested this one and it works very well – and is VERY fast. Here’s the link to it:

Just enter your keyword and it spits out more than the Google! keyword tool ever did. One of the best things about it is that it gets information from several sources – not JUST Google! And, you can email the keywords to yourself, or copy/paste them into a spreadsheet for sorting, uploading etc.

Note:  This link is not an affiliate link,this is a totally free keyword generator. Passing on info is what I do. I hope you can save some time and money by using this tool.



  1. Liz Nard says:

    Some people really overcomplicate things. Thanks for letting us know. Good read. Sometimes I wonder why people bother manually doing everything themselves.


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