What is Backlinking and How to Backlink Properly

Even if you’ve only been in affiliate marketing for short while, you’ve heard about backlinking. But I still often get the question of “what is backlinking” like it’s some sort of mysterious thing you have to do to be a super affiliate. Some people go about back linking in a very expensive way. They buy back links or they haveĀ  robot systems do back link buildingĀ  (which is’nt exactly the worst way to go). But in order to succeed as an affiliate marketer you really need to know how to back link properly.

You need to add a variety of different types of back links into your strategy. Your basic strategy should include different types of back links including article directory back links forum and comment backlinks and links you get from being a guest poster on other people’s blogs – which by the way is the best type of link to get.

So now that I’ve answered the question on what is back linking, where do you start? Some people just buy back links – and you can buy just about any sort of back link you can think of. You can have people comment for you and you can also have people post forum profiles.

One way to find these people is to do a search on Fiverr.com. A word of warning though: When you’re working with the people posting on Fiverr, be sure to read the testimonials they have received from previous users. And, don’t only read the testimonials, but look at who is making the comments. Some people will have five or ten different testimonials but they’re all written by the same person. This always seems to be a little suspicious to me. I’ve had some luck with Fiverr, but one bad stint where my links were posted mostly to porn sites! Errrr!

Anyway, if you want to concentrate first on article marketing, this is still a good way to go in the affiliate marketing industry. I use a little robot called Article Marketing Robot for my article posting. This little guy has saved me so much time – unlike the other robot I used to use.

It automatically signs up for article directories and then it verifies the e-mail addresses automatically and you’re ready to start. The only other thing you want to think about using with these types of robots is a piece of software to help you break the captcha codes, and, of course, there’s a robot for that too!

Whatever you decide to do – just do something! If you don’t have money right now to invest in buying backlinks or robots, below is a list of the top 10 sites that you can sign up for and submit to manually. You would be surprised at how quickly you will get ranked; and up your rank considerably, by continuing to post articles and constantly building back links.

It’s the most important thing you can do if you want to make money as an affiliate marketer and eventually get to that high and mighty Super Affiliate status.

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