Why Buy Backlinks When You Can Get Them For Free?

We all know how hard it is to get any kind of ranking with Google for your niche website. You have to have your site correctly keyword coded; you have to pay attention to meta tags; you have to do a lot of keyword research and make sure your categories are in sync with your keywords; you have to have links going to pages within your site; and you also have to have backlinks coming into your site from other people’s sites; and most of the time people buy backlinks.

Backlinks are very important to get a site ranked because they tell the search engines that this page (or site) is liked by a lot of people. Each backlink you have to your sites make you look more important in the search engines eyes. But getting other webmasters to give you an official backlink is not an easy task. You’ll probably need to email hundreds of webmasters just to get one to give you a recommendation in the form of a backlink. After all, these links do lead away from their site and on to yours.

That’s why a lot of people use services like Fiverr and ODesk to have people get them backlinks. These services do things like post profile links, make blog comments on your behalf, etc. It doesn’t take long on Fiverr to request what’s called a “gig” which basically means that person has offered a particular service for five bucks and is ready to start! So you can easily buy backlinks there and hope for the best.

However, I just located a service where you don’t have to buy backlinks. You can get 25 of them for free – every day! And, if you’re willing to do a little work and tell others about the service, you can get hundreds of them for free every day!

The good thing about this is that you are slowly building your backlinks, and this looks normal to Google. Getting 25 – 100 backlinks is not unreasonable looking, but getting thousands at one time may land you in the sandbox.

So slow and steady backlinking might just get your site to the first page of the organic listings very soon. After all, if you can get 100 backlinks three times a day, that’s 300 a day! It’s still not an unreasonable amount, but if you’re concerned, you could vary use different URL’s if you have a variety of web sites.

So in conclusion, I have to say, it does pay off to buy backlinks, but it’s better to get Free Backlinks!



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