Why Ignoring Messages From Your Affiliate Manager is a Good Thing!

Ok, I admit, I just made that title up to try to make you read an important post.  This morning I received an email message from an Affiliate Manager telling me I haven’t made a sale in a while, and how could they help me. Usually when I get these messages I just ignore them. Hey, I’m doing the best Affiliate Marketing I can – Stop bugging me!

But I’m not really doing that good. The network I’m in is an excellent self-help network and they have also tons of products that are outside of the self-help niche.  AND they have a competition every month for the highest seller.  I could win an extra $1,000 if I just sold a few more items! AND, did I mention they pay the PayPal fees on the commissions they send. I don’t know of any others that do that!

So this time I didn’t ignore the email.  I emailed back and said:

Yes, as a matter of fact, you can help me.  I would like to know what your top sellers are in the self help market – and what keywords are working best for them because I want to win the competition this month.

Usually I don’t want to “bug” affiliate managers. I just think I know it all and go about my work.  But this time I was very excited to get the answer.  $1,000 on top of my regular affiliate sales is no drop in a bucket.

And guess what.  I got an answer back almost immediately.  Interestingly, some of the products listed were ones I was already marketing – although, not with the exact keywords the Affiliate marketing manager gave me. So now I have something to concentrate on that might actually make me a lot more money!

My advice is to make friends with your affiliate managers. You will not only get help with your campaigns, but when you attend conferences, you might even get a free drink or two if you’re doing a really good job.  It’s definitely better than being in the dark – alone. . .



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